This Week in The Catalyst Newsletter
  1. Food and Menu Item Requests for NCRC Catalyst Symposium
  2. Learn to Analyze Your Data in R- Transforming Your Data (Coffee provided) -TODAY
  3. Meditation Classes- Starting Spring 2020
  4. Game Night and White Elephant Gift Exchange
  5. Appetite for Life - "Genes and Individual Response to Nutrients in Bone Health"
Food and Menu Item Requests for
NCRC Catalyst Symposium
We want to keep a broad menu available to symposium attendees. Here is your chance to request food or menu items for the NCRC Catalyst Symposium.

What to do: Please email your idea to the Catalyst group at:
Learning to Transform Your Data in R
Who: Everyone on campus
What: Learn how to use R in your data analysis! This month's webinar will focus on transforming your data and saving time during your analysis. The webinar will teach you how to filter data by group, or create subsets for quicker data analysis.

When: This workshop will be held Thursday, December 12th, 3:30-5pm
: NRI Room 1331

What to do: Registerhere. Registration will close on December 10th, so register ASAP! Please bring your own laptop. We will have charging stations.
Meditation Classes
What: Join Eddie Serano for lessons in meditation and an opportunity to improve your state of mind!
Who: The class is capped at 10 new students. Those who took the class last spring are welcome to join again, but should bring their book from last spring.
When: Classes will be on Tuesdays starting at 5:30pm with a flexible end time to allow for the freedom to meditate. Classes will likely start on January 14th and run throughout the spring.
Where: TBD
What to do: For more information, or to register for the class, email Eddie Serano at
NCRC Game Night and White Elephant Gift Exchange
Who: All employees of the NCRC and their guests 

What: Board and card games, social camraderie, fun, and pizza!

When: Friday, December 20th, 5:15-9:30pm (you are welcome to drop in late or leave early)

Where: The NRI cafe

RSVPing is highly encouraged (it helps me plan what games to bring). You may email me at or stop by my office with your intention to attend. If you’d like to chip in for pizza (only paying attendees are guaranteed pizza, Giovanni’s), please bring cash ($5 minimum) by Scott (or Walden Cash's) office by 5pm on Thursday, 12/19. With your money, I need to know what toppings you want (or don’t want if you have some sort of dietary restriction).  Bringing your own games is also encouraged as long as you are willing to teach us how to play them!

This month is also our annual White Elephant gift exchange. To participate, bring a wrapped gift worth about $20 that you would be ok with taking home at the end of the night (and showing your mother / child). I don’t want to tell you that have to bring a game or other nerdy thing, but those certainly are the most fought over items at the exchange. We will then play a little game over opening and stealing each other’s gifts.

January Appetite For Life
WhoSaroja Voruganti, PhD Associate Professor of Nutrition
What: "Genes and Individual Response to Nutrients in Bone Health"

Where: RCCC Biotechnology Training Center (399 Biotechnology Lane, Kannapolis)
When: Thursday, January 16th at 6pm
What to do: Register here!

Ongoing Campus Activities and Events
Campus running group:
  • A group of people from the NCRC who run together
  • Interested? Contact Julie Stegall at 704-706-5613 or
Volleyball group:
  • Informal volleyball games at the Kannapolis YMCA
  • Interested? Contact Hamed Bostan at 704-340-8773 or

Check out the Catalyst Calendar to stay updated about upcoming campus events!

As always, tell your friends about Catalyst, and have them e-mail us if they are interested in being on our mailing list.

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